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Orientation circuits

  • Discover Vallter through the orientation circuits.

    An activity to learn, interact with the environment, culture and heritage of the valley, doing a healthy physical activity. An activity aimed at everyone: families, athletes, counselors, hikers...


    Delve into the heart of the high mountains, playing, walking and if you prefer, running. With the orientation maps of the new Vallter circuits you will be able to contemplate the territory, at your own pace, like never before.


    We will provide you with a map of 10-15 landmarks. They are represented by numbered circles and indicate that we must reach that point.

    For more information, call
    +34 972 136 057
    or send an email to
  • The 3 colors correspond to 3 levels of difficulty:


    MORENS CIRCUIT: GREEN: Very easy route, with little unevenness through the Morens area. Ideal to start interpreting a map and learn orientation with the little ones. (8 milestones) 


    MARMOTES CIRCUIT: BLUE: ideal for families. The circuit starts from an elevation of 2,500 m at the Mirador de la Costa Brava to the base of the station, passing by the source of the River Ter and the rubble of the old Ulldeter refuge. The perfect level to evolve after the green circuit. (10 milestones) 


    BASTIMENTS CIRCUIT: RED: Designed for more experienced orienteers. Unevenness and demanding distance. We challenge you to interpret a map well, to think and have the necessary physical condition to enjoy a more sporty orientation. (12 milestones) 

  • Timetable

    Except when expressly indicated, the calendar and times of this activity are subject to the operating hours of the mountain station, which you can consult in Timetables and Prices and/or Infoestiu

    From Monday to Sunday
    10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Rates

    Summer Season 2024

    Orientation Circuit Map
    € 3.00/ per group

    • Go to the Information Point of the station and we will give you the map. Choose the circuit that most adapt to your needs.
    • You don't have to follow the order of the milestones, you can choose your route freely. Locate them milestones using the map and track we provide. To locate them you can follow the order that you want, you don't have to follow any predetermined itinerary. Each circuit is distinguished by a color
    • When you find a milestone, write down its control code in the corresponding grid, which you will find in the plan on the back of the map.
    • Once you have finished the circuit you can go through the Information Point where, if you have managed to do everything circuit, we will give you a diploma.

    For more information, call 972 136 057 or send an email to [email protected]

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