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Ter river route: on foot and riding a bike


    The Ter Route is a hiking and touring cyclist route

    Created by the Ter Consortium, it connects two touristic destinations: the Pyrenees and the Costa Brava thanks to a route that follows the Ter River and crosses five Catalan regions. Throughout the journey, participants can see a huge variety of landscapes, cultural elements, the history and traditions of each municipality belonging to the route. Moreover, they can taste a wide culinary variety and stay at different types of accommodations.


    This itinerary offers the opportunity to know and discover the Ter River from its source in Ulldeter (Setcases), 2,200 meters, to the mouth of the Mediterranean, at the Gola del Ter (Torroella de Montgrí-L'Estartit). It's an itinerary that invites you to explore the river with your five senses and discover a territory rich in historical and cultural heritage and with an incredible flora and fauna. A considerable part of this rute is included in "Xarxa Natura 2000".

     By bike                     

    • Distance: 205 km approximately
    • Departure: Vallter (2,150 m)
    • Arrival: Gola del Ter (0 m)
    • Municipal thermals: 39
    • Stages: 4
    • Slope: 2,150 m
    • LevelMedium/Low


    Stage 1: From Vallter to Ripoll

    • Distance: 48.92 km
    • LevelMedium
    • Departure: Vallter
    • ArrivalRipoll train station
    On foot
    • Distance: 225 approximately
    • DepartureUlldeter shelter (2,236 m)
    • Arrival: Gola del Ter (0 m) 
    • Municipal thermals: 40
    • Stages: 10
    • LevelFor all levels


    Stage 1: From Ulldeter shelter to Camprodon
    • Distance: 28.5 km
    • Time: 6 h 9 min
    • Level: Medium
    • DepartureUlldeter shelter
    • Arrival: Parking (C/ Espinalba) in Camprodon


    Stage 1: From Vallter to Ripoll

    • Distance: 48.92 km
    • Level: Medium
    • Departure: Vallter
    • Arrival: Parking in Can Guetes, Ripoll
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